Dealing with Nosy people


I had a request from a blog reader for how to deal with people that are nosy but nice.

It is common in English for people to ask personal questions, but sometimes people take it too far.

Either they start to ask things that are too personal, try to involve themselves in your private matters, or they try to help you with things that you don’t need help with (like taking your phone to fix some settings, or trying to solve your personal problems).

Now even though I’m a native English speaker and an English teacher that doesn’t mean I have the solution to this problem. You will deal with difficult people in any language. But I can share some phrases.


So if another person is doing something too nosy and meddlesome like:

“Oh did someone send you a strange message? Give me your phone and I’ll deal with this!”


this is how you could reply



(these are good if it is a minor problem, or if you are close to the person)

“It’s okay I got this”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself”

Polite, but firm:

(these are good if the person is trying to be nice and you don’t want to hurt their feelings)

“I appreciate you trying to help, but I’d prefer to handle this myself.”

“That’s nice of you, but this is a private matter for me.”


(these could lead to an argument, try to avoid this language unless you want a fight. )

“Mind your business.”

“This doesn’t concern you.”

“Please stop meddling in my life”


I don’t know if these phrases will be useful. Some people are just hard to deal with regardless of language.