Idioms- A dime a dozen

“Great meals are a dime a dozen in Bangkok.”

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“Beautiful women are a dime a dozen in Seoul.”

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“A dime a dozen” is a common phrase that means something is either very cheap or very plentiful. “A dime” is a ten cent coin, worth one-tenth of a dollar. “A dozen” means twelve.
Expanded it would be(it costs) a dime (to buy) a dozen (of those things)


So the literal meaning is to buy 12 of something for 10 cents.

Traditionally some foods, like eggs and donuts, were sold in 12-packs. So a long time ago you would see sales that advertised cheap prices, like buying a dozen eggs for a dime.

We use it for things that are cheap, plentiful, or easy to get.
“Great meals are a dime a dozen in Bangkok.” = Great meals are very cheap in Bangkok. Not literally ten cents, but inexpensive enough to not cause a burden.

“Beautiful women are a dime a dozen in Seoul. = There are so many beautiful women that the value of being a beautiful woman isn’t high.

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