“That doesn’t sound like___”

“Did you hear that Jack got 100% on the math test?”

“Really, that doesn’t sound like Jack”


“That doesn’t sound like ____” is  a way of showing disbelief or doubt at something.

“That doesn’t sound like Jack” = “That doesn’t sound like something Jack would do.”

The phrase isn’t focused on any sound that Jack makes, it’s about whether the story about Jack sounds true. We use it when we hear about someone doing something that is against their nature.

“Trump just apologized for his rude comments on Twitter.”

“That doesn’t sound like him.”


We can also use in the opposite way “That sounds like ____” when they do something that is typical of what we know of their personality. This can be used in a positive way:

“Jane didn’t go on vacation this year. Instead she gave the money she had saved for vacation to charity.”

“That sounds like Jane.” This means “That sounds like a story that is true about her, because I know she is kind.”

It can be used in a negative way too:

“Did you hear that Jack cheated on the math test?”

“That sounds like Jack.” = “I know that Jack is a cheater.”


아래있는 영상에 이 표현이 있어요. 보잭 홀스만은 “Washed up actor” (인기있던 시대가 지냈고 더 이상 유명하지않는 배우)이고  다이앤이라는 전기 작가이랑 이얘기 하고 있어요:

Here’s a clip from a TV show that has this phrase. Bojack Horseman is a washed up (no longer popular or successful) actor talking to Diane, a woman who is writing a book about him.


Diane: you told me to come at 9
Bojack: That doesn’t sound like me
Diane (reading phone) :Why don’t you come over Tuesday morning at 9.
Also you should bring this email because I might not remember it because just took a bunch of horse tranquilizers, haha. Also, please don’t put in my book that I use horse tranquilizers”. Then I think you fell asleep on the keyboard, because it just says the letter “b” twenty seven times

Bojack: That does sound like me.


In this clip Bojack says that meeting someone at 9am “doesn’t sound like him”, he doesn’t think he is the kind of person that would make an early appointment.

At the end of the clip Diane says that Bojack had taken drugs and fell asleep on his computer keyboard, to which Bojack says “That does sound like me.” He thinks he is that kind of person.



Bojack Horseman is a strange show, and definitely not for kids. But it can be funny and sad. Check it out on Netflix if you want.

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