Abbreviations Part 1

Here are some basic abbreviations in English:



RSVP means “répondez s’il vous plaît” which is a French phrase that means “Please respond”.  You’ll see this on invitations to parties and events. People can speak this one too, even as a verb:

“I invited my brother to my wedding but he hasn’t RSVPed yet and I’m getting worried he won’t show.”




ASAP means “as soon as possible” and is both written and spoken. “I need the sales report soon, get it back to me A.S.A.P.”

It is so common that some people even pronounce it like a word: “I’ll get back to you ASAP.”



N/A is an abbreviation that is not said aloud. It stands for “Not applicable” and is seen on tables or reports. When I am filling out an application form for something and it has a spot for me to list my home phone number I would write “N/A”, since I don’t have a landline only a cell phone. That question or condition does not apply to me.



This one means “Too much information” and is usually said in response to someone telling you something that should be private information (oversharing).

“Your mom and I kissed on our first date.”

“Woah Dad, TMI. I don’t want to hear that stuff.”




This one means “Point of View” , and talks about seeing the world from someone else’s eyes. This one is usually only written:

“I was angry at my sister, but when I thought about it from her POV I understood,” the boy said to his friend.

But when talking about video games or movies people can speak it:

“This entire game is from the zombie’s POV”

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