Abstract Places



“I’m going to Jamaica”

“I’m going home”
These two sentences are very different. In the first one Jamaica is a real specific place, an actual location and it is a noun. So we use the preposition “to”.
In the second sentence ‘home’ is not a real specific place (my home and your home are different places), it’s a more abstract idea. It operates as an adverb of place. We don’t need to use “to” because it’s an adverb that really means “in the direction of home”.
When the place you are talking about is not a single, real, specific place then we don’t use “to”.


“I’m going home” (abstract place, different for everyone)

“I’m going to my house.” (real place)


“I’m going upstairs” (the direction of up)
“I’m going to the second floor” (a real place in this building)


“I’m going abroad.” (any country other than this one)
“I’m going to Spain.” (a real place)


“Come here.” (my “here” and your “here” are different. It’s not a real place)
“Come to this spot” (a very specific location).

Learning how to think of places as nouns or adverbs is tough, so just try your best.

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