Vocabulary: “Awkward”

Awkward is a word that is awkward to explain. It’s usually used to describe things that aren’t smooth or comfortable.
It can mean clumsy:

“She is awkward in the kitchen, she knocks things over all the time”

It can mean that you’re not good at something:

“He played the guitar awkwardly, missing a lot of notes”.

It can mean that something is difficult to use:

“Driving an SUV on narrow streets is awkward”

“After years of using a smartphone I find old flip-phones very awkward.”

When we use it in social situations it’s a combination of all of those things: an uncomfortable, slightly difficult situation that you’re not confident about.

“When my boss found out I was dating his daughter it was very awkward.”

“I always feel awkward at parties where I don’t know anyone.”

“It was very awkward for the young mother as her child wouldn’t stop crying in the toy store.”

So generally awkward is about something being a little uncomfortable. Maybe you’re uncomfortable because you can’t do something well, something is hard to use or you feel a little embarrassed in front of others.
But an awkward situation isn’t a really bad situation, it’s only a little uncomfortable.

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