Basic Pronunciation “R & L”

One of the most common pronunciation problems for East Asian English learners is the “L” and “R” sound.
The “L” isn’t so tough, it is made by holding the tongue on the ridge behind the front teeth:

Then releasing with a vowel sound:
La, Ley, Lee, Lo, Lu”
The “R” sound is made by pulling the tongue far back in the throat, like you’re trying to (gulp) swallow your tongue. The tongue doesn’t touch anything in the mouth:
And from this you can make vowels:
Ra, Rey, Ree, Ro, Ru”.

Since the L sound needs your tongue at the front of your mouth, and the R sound needs your tongue at the back of your mouth it takes a lot of practice to move the tongue quickly.

A good way to practice moving the tongue is with minimal pairs. Two words that almost sound the same with one sound that is different:
Rock / Lock, Lan/ Ran, Lay / Ray, Room / Loom”
Lash/ Rash, Long / Wrong, Glass / Grass, Lead / Read”
The next step is trying words that have L and R sounds very close to each other:
Real. R L. Real. Real. Real.”
Leery. L R. Leery. Leery. Leery.”
And now let’s try one of the most difficult words: Girl. Girl, has two sounds at the end R and L. But many people make the mistake of trying to make one sound that is a mix of the two: “Girㄹ”

So properly it’s:
“Girl. R L. Girl. Girl. Girl

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