Vocabulary: Benefit, Revenue, Profit

When talking about money the words “benefit”, “revenue” and “profit” are three different things.
Generally a benefit is a result or effect that is good or helpful:

“Exercising has lots of benefits.”
“This job has lots of benefits” (vacation time, health insurance, working hours etc)

A “financial benefit” would be any condition that is good because of money:
“Retiring in Thailand has some financial benefits”

Revenue is the amount of money made by a company or organization.

“Samsung lost 6 million in revenue last year”.

“McDonalds makes most of its revenue from French fries”.

This is just all the money that comes in, not including other expenses like paying employees or buying supplies. Revenue is money coming in. For companies we use ‘revenue’ for people we usually say ‘income’.
Profit is similar to revenue, but it is the money that is left after paying all expenses. “I bought a concert ticket for $100 and sold it for $150, I made $50 profit.” “Starbucks makes at least 80% profit on all items they sell.” Profit is definitely a benefit.
But some companies, like Amazon, have 50 billion dollars in yearly revenue but less than 1 billion in profit. Rather than keeping the extra money they constantly reinvest it back into research and expansions.
So benefit is anything good, revenue is

money coming in, and profit is extra money that is made.

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